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Adopt this adorable Blue Dragon and support a rare genetic condition, Fabry disease. For each dragon purchase, $5 will be donated to Fabry Support & Information Group. Comes wrapped and makes a great gift.

Baby Dragon Stuffed Animal Supporting Fabry Disease Awareness

SKU: R0006
Ships within 4 weeks
  • Fabry disease is a progressive genetic condition. Classic Fabry disease symptoms  typically start in the first 3-10 years of life with onset of burning pain in the hands and feet, decreased sweating, problems in the heat, a reddish-purplish rash, and gastrointestinal issues. In non-classic Fabry disease, symptoms may start somewhat later in life and may more severely affect one organ like the heart or kidney. In both classic and non-classic Fabry disease, symptoms always worsen over time. There is not currently a cure for Fabry diseasebut there are two FDA approved medications in the US that can help stabilize or prevent progression of the more serious health problems if started early in the disease course. Learn more at

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